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Cool Your Factory or Workshop This Summer with the 600 mm Typhoon Whirlybirds

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Whirlybird Australia Supplies and a full range of industrial ventilators and solar ventilation fans around Australia. Whirlybird Australia will help create a much more pleasant and healthier working environment.

Five reasons to choose Whirlybird Australia

  1. We have over 25 years of experience in Roof Ventilation 

Whirlybird Australia are the professionals with over 25 years’ experience in the roofing industry and a price and service that can’t be beaten! We know the best products with the longest Warranties!

  1. Whirlybird Australia can assist you with your choice of Roof Vents.

We knows the best products so we sell a great range, including The Eco solar vent and Typhoon industrial whirlybirds. 

  1. Using the highest quality roof ventilators.

When it comes to roof vents in Australia, we offer warranties on all Our Industrial Whirlybirds and Eco solar ventilation fans.

  1. We Recommend one 600 mm roof vent for around 150 square metres of roofing.

We can look at your building online and tell you what going to work and recommend what’s best for you! 

  1. Australia wide Delivery

We can deliver the 600 mm whirlybirds and Eco solar vents to anywhere in Australia.

Typhoon 600 mm Round Industrial whirlybirds

Recommended one whirlybird for around 150 to 200 Square metres of roofing

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Eco Solar Vents industrial Ventilation

Recommended one eco solar vent for around 150 to 200 Square metres of roofing

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The smart way to keep cool in these hot temperatures is to install our Eco Solar Ventilation. The Powerful solar vent will help cool your Workshop using the power of the sun! By installing a Eco solar vent, you will be removing all the hot air and replacing this with fresh air. On the hottest days in summer, when there’s no wind the Eco solar powered vents work best!

Industrial Whirlybirds

Whirlybird Australia are the experts in roof vents and Industrial Ventilation 

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600 mm Typhoon Whirlybird for $550.00 including gst 

whirlybird Australia Industrial Whirlybirds


600 mm Typhoon Industrial Whirlybird

The 600 mm Typhoon Whirlybird shall be manufactured from standard aluminium, corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium. The main bearing holder assembly shall be Glass Filled Nylon and not be in the line of air flow. The ventilator shall be weather-tight under proper installation and normal operating conditions, and capable of withstanding a wind speed of 170 km/hr. 10 years warranty on all Typhoon industrial whirlybirds

Whirlybirds are designed for Australia’s harsh conditions and are suitable for all industrial and commercial buildings. We also hold stock in 600 mm Whirlybirds. The Typhoon is also a wind driven ventilator designed to exhaust heat and moisture from the roof space. Its constructed from light-weight aluminium and comes with a 10 year warranty. The Typhoon has a dual permanently lubricated bearing system to reduce friction and provides a free spinning action with a quiet operation. The Industrial whirlybird has a 22 degree adjustable base also a double arc blade.

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For more information on the eco solar vents click here. www.ecosolarvents.com.au